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A new low priced Go Set has been produced (recommended price £20), and appeared in the shops late in 1998 as "The Go Pack" produced by Carlton Books.
Carlton inform me that they are planning to release the book separately from the set towards the end of 1999. The cover price on the book is £7.99.

"The Go Pack" contains a Go set with a sturdy thick card board and plastic stones. The accompanying book, written by me, explains the rules and goes on to cover some of the rudiments of skilful play. This web page is intended to collect comments and feedback on the book, and to include the solutions to the "Challenge Problems" which were left unsolved in the book.

The feedback page is meant as a receptacle for your thoughts on the book. If you have anything to say about it which you would like to share, send me an Email and I'll add it to the page, with a reply if that seems appropriate.


The following corrections are mostly trivial typos, let me know if you would like to see any other changes made for the second edition:

The Challenge Problems

Here are the 12 problems which the book left unsolved as a challenge to readers. They are all set on a 9X9 Go board, Black is to play, the first six problems are Black to Kill and the second six Black to Live. The Solutions are on a separate page, to give you time to study the problems if you wish.

Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4

Problem 5

Problem 6

Problem 7

Problem 8

Problem 9

Problem 10

Problem 11

Problem 12

To look at the solutions now Click Here

These diagrams are assembled from small pictures, each of which does one point on the board. If you wish to copy this page to study at home, you will need to copy the pictures as well. Your browser may do this for you, but if not, I have packed all the pictures into a zip file called which is on the same web page you are looking at, If you have difficulty downloading that file, send me an Email and I'll post it to you.

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