Interactive Correspondence Course

The correspondence course has now been running for four years and continues to attract new players from all over the world. I am now able to accept cheques in most major currencies, enquire for details of exchange rates.

The course is run in two phases.

Phase 1

You complete a detailed questionnaire about your go, how you think about it, what you want to expand on and how much time and effort you wish to devote to it.
I then send you a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your game, with recommendations for how to build on your present skills and what to study next.

This phase costs £25 or US $50 or Euro50

Phase 2

If you like the style, you can then join the second phase of the course, in which I construct explanatory articles and collections of problems and send these together with comments on your games, records of professional games illustrating features of the other articles and recommendations for further reading; and you send game scores for me to analyse, answers to the exercises, and details of positions or ideas which you are having difficulty with.

This phase costs £75 or US $150 or Euro150 for each 8 packages of material.

How to join the Course

Choose from the following: